the power of trail signs

Trail signs are used to inform people about wildlife activity, safe travel in areas where wildlife live and to educate people about wildlife ecology and behavior. When well designed, trails signs can deliver a powerful and effective message that helps people live in and travel through wilderness areas without negative encounters with wildlife. 

WildWise Yukon has been developing bear aware trail signs with the support of Yukon College and the City of Whitehorse. We have signs for hikers and signs for cyclers and you can expect to see them at trail-heads around Whitehorse and beyond this summer.


Other great signs

Here are some trail sign examples in use in other places. Note the heavy bear emphasis; perhaps there is a niche for trail signs informing people about other wildlife! 

Many of these signs are featured on the Get Bear Smart website. Click on the link below to visit their educational resources page where you will find much, much more than just signs.


Whister area trail user's grizzly bear outreach project - Hey look! These guys are up to the same shenanigans as us!

Also, if you are out and about and come across any attractive & effective signs, please take photos and send them to us. We will post them here!