Many flock owners have reported conflict with wildlife involving their coops since 2012. Over 70% of those conflicts involved bears.

As more and more chicken coops are built in backyards and on agricultural lands, conflict with bears and other wildlife is increasing. Chickens and other livestock are an easy target, full of calories and a highly attractive food source. Bears, in particular, can do a lot of damage to infrastructure if they can access it and are usually destroyed in defense of life and property when this happens. Electric fencing, when properly installed, is a coop owner’s best chance of preventing conflict with wildlife.

WildWise has developed two programs to help local food growers to keep their livestock safe and prevent wildlife from being destroyed. Please contact us for more information on these programs if you are interested.

Chickens in fence
photo credit: Heather Ashthorn

1. Electric fence support program

This program assists livestock owners in planning and installing an electric fence. For the 2022 season, participants can receive a rebate of up to 60% for fencing materials.

electric fence The program is open for 2022. Spaces are filling fast. Please contact us at to reserve your spot.

Please visit this page for more information about electric fencing.

2020 Electric Fence Program Report

”I used to run out to the coop whenever I heard weird calls from the chickens during the night fearing they were in danger. Now I know that nothing can get in – from wildlife to neighbourhood dogs – and it feels great not to worry. It’s easier getting a house sitter when needed to as I don’t need to worry if something happens while I am away. I also appreciate the fact that keeping my flock safe also keeps wildlife safe and keeps predators reduced in my neighbourhood. It lets you sleep at night! The investment is totally worth it!” – Ellen Thomas

2. Bear safe egg producer program

This program certifies egg producers who have installed and are maintaining an electric fence to a standard that will keep bears out.