Many people come to the Yukon hoping to see wildlife. Bears are of particular interest to our visitors and WildWise is keen to help those heading out looking for them to have a safe and enjoyable experience. We think that visitors can become important partners in keeping wildlife safe. They also may need our support to correct misunderstandings such as the one that feeding wildlife helps them survive. After all, a fed bear is a dead bear!

Wildwise bear spray training
Wildwise bear spray training. Photo credit: Karen McColl

Although COVID19 has shut down our Visitor Information Centre and campground programs for the 2020 season, we hope to return to these initiatives in 2021. Look for us in VIC’s throughout the territory. In the meantime, the resources below can be found printed in many of the Yukon map and RV guides. They may be reproduced with permission and will be found in all VICs as soon as they open. They have been produced in 6 languages so far.

Safe driving tips for bear country

Bear safe Cabin tips

Bear spray for beginners

Be(ar)-wise tips for the back country