We recognize the need to address human-wildlife conflicts in a comprehensive and collaborative manner. We work with governments, co-managers, citizens and communities, compiling and sharing information to influence behavior change. One of our key objectives is to reduce the number of instances where animals are relocated or eradicated due to negative encounters with people. We believe that, together, we can create a safe, healthy environment for people and wildlife in the Yukon.

Strategic Plan


WildWise Yukon is a non-government, non-profit society, operating in the Yukon Territory since 2012. We hold an AGM each year and maintain good standing with Yukon Government’s Corporate Affairs, typically operating as a Category B Society.

2020 AGM packageConstitution and Bylaws


The WildWise Board is a working board. Members commit 50-100 hours of volunteer service each year, which allow the society to accomplish a great deal. Board members come to the society with an array of interests and are asked to join one or more subcommittees. Please contact us if you are interested in joining this dynamic team. We are keen to hear how you can help us achieve our goals.

  • President: Lindsay Caskenette
  • VP: Scott Gilbert
  • Secretary Treasurer: Emilie Dory
  • Directors: Élise Brown-Dussault, Pam Brown, Babette Mueller, Jaspher Javison
  • Executive Director: Heather Ashthorn