A fed bear is STILL a dead bear. We would like to raise a high five to the BC Conservation Officers who are laying charges. Enforcement of the Wildlife Act is so important to its effectiveness. Here in Yukon our Wildlife Act states this:

Making wildlife a nuisance and dangerous wildlife protection orders

93(1) In this section, “attractant” means food, food waste, compost, garbage or other substances that could attract dangerous wildlife;

“dangerous wildlife” means (a) grizzly bear, black bear, polar bear, cougar, coyote, fox or wolf; or (b) a member of a species of wildlife that is prescribed by the regulations to be dangerous wildlife for the purposes of this section. (2) No person shall encourage any wildlife to become a public nuisance. (3) Subject to subsection (4), a person shall be deemed to have encouraged dangerous wildlife to become a public nuisance if the person feeds it or leaves food or garbage in a place where dangerous wildlife may have access to it and he or she does not take reasonable precautions to prevent dangerous wildlife from having access to it or being attracted to the area by it.

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Pick your berries

Bears have been getting into back yard berries throughout Whitehorse over the past week. Please remember to harvest ripe fruit and consider putting up an electric fence to prevent dangerous encounters.

What not to do

Yukon News story about bears eating old frying oil stored on a property in McRae. Bears are attracted to food smells as well as petroleum products. Please don't leave attractants lying around. Food conditioned bears can become dangerous and are not good candidates for relocation by Conservation Officers. They may have to be killed to keep people safe. Dealing with food conditioned bears distracts Conservation Officers from important conservation work.

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Info for visitors


Are you travelling to the Yukon this summer? Whether you're traveling by road, river or hiking through the back country you are likely to see bears. Come to the Yukon Visitor's Information Centre at 100 Hanson Street, Mondays at 10am to find out how to travel safely and protect bears. WildWise will be on site to answer questions, demonstrate use of bear spray and give tips and suggestions for managing garbage and bear encounters.

Are you visiting the Yukon? Hoping to see bears? Please join us at the Whitehorse Visitor's Centre to learn about travelling safely and respectfully through bear habitat. You will learn about safe viewing practice and how to hike, walk, run and cycle through the wilderness in a 'bear smart' way. We look forward to meeting you there!

Notice to travellers, DON'T FEED THE BEARS!

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Kids take action!

Check out what the Beaver Creek school kids made! They are concerned about food conditioned bears coming into their community, making it unsafe for them to play outside.

Canada Day at Marsh Lake

Canada Day at Marsh Lake

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Wild about art?

Enter this competition, draw attention to living peacefully with bears, win a prize!

WildWise will be joining in the Canada Day festivities at the Marsh Lake Community Centre this year along with the Carcross/Tagish RRC. If you live or spend time at Marsh Lake, please consider taking part in our Bear SmART contest. Submit your artwork to us by email or bring it in person and we will display it at the community centre on Canada Day. All entries will receive a prize. We also hop you join us for our Bear Smart scavenger hunt. Find all the bear attractants, either on your own or with your friends and family, and receive a prize! We look forward to seeing you there.

Bear friendly chickens go to market!

Bear friendly chickens go to market!

Want to learn how to protect your chickens with electric fencing? Heidi Marion gave a demonstration at the Fireweed Market on May 24th. We could do it again! Please let us know if this interests you and we’ll choose a date.

2018 WildWise AGM

Please join us for our AGM. 

When: June 20th, noon

Where: Yukon College, Room A2603 (please check the door for instructions if we have moved to another room)

Why? We have had a busy and productive year and would like to tell you about it. We also welcome nominations for new board members. If you are interested in helping us reduce human-wildlife conflict in Yukon, please come out! We will also be talking about the research we have partnered with Yukon College to complete this year.

Contact: Heather Ashthorn 335-5212