Garbage bin locks for sale

Garbage bin locks for sale

We have a few bear-proof locks available for City of Whitehorse poly-cart bins. The cost of a set of locks (for garbage and compost) is $150, including installation. Please contact us if you wish to purchase a set and we will set up an installation date with you.

WildWise Misquoted!

In a missed attempt to highlight the importance of a bear proof waste management system, which is one of our primary campaigns, this Yukon News article pits WildWise advice against Conservation Officers. For the record, we do not advocate for letting the City of Whitehorse off the hook for waste management responsibilities. What we did say is that it will likely take a long while yet before the City is willing to introduce a new system and in the meantime, it is futile for residents to wait for the City to fix the problem and we encourage them (us) to take personal responsibility for managing attractants. Most of the negative encounters with bears in the past few years have, after all, been the result of people making food accessible to bears. Please read this article and pay attention to what Aaron Koss-Young has to say. He is on the ball!

Call for participation in Grizzly Bear Conservation & Management Plan

To all interested organizations & associations,

The Department of Environment and the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board want to hear from you through a public survey to help develop the Yukon Grizzly Bear Conservation and Management Plan. We want to know what experiences, beliefs, knowledge, and opinions Yukoners have about grizzly bear conservation and management.

The public survey will complement information already gained from in-depth workshops and discussions with First Nation governments, the Inuvialuit, mandated boards and councils, and interest groups. We want to include as much available local, traditional and scientific information as possible to develop the plan.

Any Yukoner with an interest in grizzly bear conservation and management is encouraged to fill out the survey. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will close on May 26, 2017. You can find the public survey at the following direct link: The survey can also be accessed through and

Thank you for your commitment to the conservation and management of grizzly bears in Yukon.




Tom Jung, Environment Yukon, and Frank Thomas, Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board

Co-Chairs, Grizzly Bear Conservation and Management Plan Working Group


Graham Van Tighem, Executive Director

Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board

(867) 667-5835

2017 AGM

Are you interested in becoming a board member or in finding out what we're up to this year? Come and join us for our AGM.

Date: June 1st

Time: 7:30-9pm

Location: Whitehorse Public Library.