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Interested in learning more about bears? Researching for a paper? Problem solving a bear issue? Below you will find all kinds of resources which we hope you will find helpful.

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is wildwise a bear conservation group?

Most of the work we have done so far at WildWise has had a heavy focus on bears because bears are of great interest to so many people for so many reasons. So naturally, people wonder if we are a bear conservation group. Sometimes it is easier to say yes than to explain the difference between that and what we do, but we are not, in fact, a bear conservation far. Our focus is on reducing human-bear conflict and we are pleased that that leads to conservation of bears and bear habitat. We help people coexist with bears because there are cultural, social, economic and environmental benefits within communities and even globally when we do. 

Clear as mud? Perhaps this will help. Our approach to promoting coexistence is mostly through encouraging appropriate attractant management because almost all conflicts that humans have with bears are the result of poor or uninformed waste management.

That said, should WildWise consider a stronger conservation approach when it comes to reducing conflict with bears? There are so many perspectives to consider. Some feel that bear populations are doing fine and human development is cramped by conservation efforts. Others feel that bear populations are in decline and cite studies that show that almost all bear deaths are human-caused. Almost all, however, agree that bears are important for one reason or another and community driven solutions are needed to make sure they continue to exist in North America.

Grizzly bear management planning

The Fish & Wildlife Management Board is currently conducting consultations throughout the Yukon Territory to help develop a Grizzly Bear Management Plan. Please visit their website for more information about why this is called for and what it involves. 

bear testing garbage bin locks

This is a video clip, uploaded to YouTube by Get Bear Smart Society, of a bear testing a certified bear-resistant garbage bin. For information about these and other bear-resistant products, please visit our resources page here.


Bear incidents should be reported to the tip line


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