Our purpose is to compile information and conduct educational outreach and activities with a view to reducing negative human-wildlife encounters.

Our role

We recognize the need to address human-wildlife conflicts in a comprehensive and collaborative manner by bringing together government, citizens and communities. One of our key objectives is to reduce the number of instances where animals are relocated or eradicated due to negative encounters with people. Together, we can work towards creating a safe, healthy environment for people and wildlife in the Yukon.


The society

WildWise Yukon, and its umbrella organization, 'The Centre for Human-Wildlife Conflict Solutions', is a community driven, non-profit society established in 2012.

WildWise Yukon is not responsible for wildlife management in the Yukon.  All inquiries regarding sightings and/or conflicts with wildlife should be directed to your district Conservation Officer, or the TIPP Line at: 1-800-661-0525