time to clean up bear attractants!

It is spring and bears have been sighted in and around Whitehorse. Finally the snow is melting. It is time to secure all of our attractants to avoid trouble with bears this year. We can expect them to come around looking for a meal. Garbage, compost, bird feeders, chicken coops and other livestock, feed, meat caches, fish camps, pet food, feces and bones and even petroleum products are all highly attractive to bears. Environment Yukon's Conservation Officers spend a lot of their summer responding to calls from the public in all Yukon Communities when bears get into these things. WildWise would rather they spend the summer doing conservation work. So please help them focus on protecting a healthy, sustainable environment by doing your part to reduce conflict where you live, work and play.

Here is an excellent video that clearly explains what will happen if a bear gets into your stuff and what to do about it if one does.