Heather Ashthorn

We have 2 tips for you to cover the summer months

1. Wildlife safe camping - just do it!

Planning on spending time on the land this summer? Please visit this website for tips from Parks Canada

2. a fed bear is a dead bear!

The best possible piece of advice we can give from spring to late fall is "DON'T FEED THE BEARS!"a

Here are ways that people feed bears. Please avoid all of them.

1. Un-secure garbage, compost, recycling on your property

2. Un-secure garbage etc. in your camp

3. Enticing bears by leaving food for them or throwing/handing food to them anywhere, anytime

4. Providing easy access to chicken coops, other livestock, feed, manure, etc. Please put an electric fence around all of it.

5. Bird feeders. Please put them away from March - November and clean up the spilled shells and seeds underneath. Several bears have been destroyed this year because of access to bird feeders.

6. Gardens. Put an electric fence around them, especially if you are using fish fertilizers, growing root vegetables or berries.

7. Fish camps. Put an electric fence around them. Portable electric fencing is inexpensive.

8. Outdoor food storage. Please consider not storing food in outdoor freezers, fridges and meat chaches. If you must, please use electric fencing, locking latches on both ends of your freezers and refrigerators and a bear proof system for caches.

9. Petroleum products. Yep, they love them. Keep all petroleum products (fuel, oil, spray foam, rigid foam, bicycle seats, etc. locked up.


Thanks everyone and have a safe, enjoyable bear season!