Heather Ashthorn

Bird feeder season returns

Yep, that's right, get out your feeders!

December is a great time to dust off those feeders that you stored out of reach of bears all summer and fall. You may have noticed that your trees and shrubs are full of songbirds. They are congregating for the winter because there is safety and warmth in numbers. If you stay still and listen you may hear a chickadee calling out to other birds, announcing a food source. 

A couple of tips for good bird viewing in winter:

1. Place feeders away from windows so your feathered friends don't mistake that reflection for endless sky. Dead birds don't make for good viewing.

2. Many bird species love birch seeds. Plant this beautiful tree in your yard and you won't need to invest in feeders.

3. Providing different sizes and varieties of seed will attract a wide range of songbirds to your property. 

4. Be patient. It may take them a few days or weeks to find your feeders but they will come (as long as your neighbor doesn't have endless amounts of better seed).

5. Enjoy! This is wildlife viewing at its very best. Pull up a chair, grap a cup of tea ad watch the soap opera unfold at your feeders.