In the summer of 2014, WildWise Yukon teamed up with Conservation Officers and visited over 150 homes in the Southern Lakes communities, including North and South McClintock, Judas Creek, Robinson, Annie Lake Road and Army Beach. We were aiming to engage residents in conversation about managing wildlife attractants and to gain an understanding of how we can help people learn about reducing human-wildlife conflict at home.

This summer we returned to all of the residences we surveyed two summers ago to see if anything had changed. Homeowners were invited to participate in a short questionairre which asked about recent bear activity, the usefulness of this kind of outreach, ideas for future projects and what is working.

We were met with great enthusiasm in all subdivisions. Residents shared their bear stories, welcomed a second assessment of available attractants and responded that this kind of outreach is helpful and effective. We saw some positive changes and shared tips and resources to help make properties safe for bears and humans. Click here for a summary of the results of this project. Below you will find some of the resources that we handed out door to door.