WildWise makes the news again! Here is the latest Yukon News story, featuring WildWise at City Council meetings. February and March brought City Operations Committee to Council with two issues: the purchase of two new waste packers (garbage trucks) to replace the City's aging ones and a revised (replacement) Waste Management Bylaw in anticipation of the addition of commercial curbside compost collection. WildWise showed up to inform City Council that replacing the current trucks with similar ones undermines the City's ability to move to a bear proof waste management system and a bylaw revision is an opportunity to include provisions for reducing the availability of wildlife attractants on private and commercial properties throughout the City. WildWise asked Council to delay decisions in both cases until more information could be presented for consideration. Read more here: https://www.yukon-news.com/news/wildwise-pushes-city-of-whitehorse-on-bearproofing/

Please note: WildWise misquoted the number of bears destroyed in Whitehorse in 2017. Council asked for the number and we assumed they meant for the Yukon Territory. In 2017  there are 69 reports for the Whitehorse district, 13 are inside the City limit, 23 bears were killed, 6 within the City limit.  Of those 6, 2 were in areas adjacent to neighborhoods served by the City's curbside collection system. Since 2012 there have been an average of 20 negative human-bear encounters yearly and 18 bears destroyed in the City of Whitehorse. Whether a bear is destroyed depends largely on whether a bear is caught 'in the act' or in a trap and management decision making at the time of response. It is true that a fed bear is a dead bear. 70% of negative encounters in Whitehorse are due to the availability of garbage and compost. We can fix this if we all do our part to make this is a safer place for humans and bears!