The Whitehorse Bear Hazard Assessment was completed in 2016. We went far and wide to make it accessible to the public, including hosting a multi-stakeholder workshop to identify the relevance of the recommendations to those stakeholders and an open house following the workshop which we advertised everywhere possible so the public would have an opportunity to learn about the assessment and add their comments and ideas to our list of things to consider. We published the assessment in three places on our website and through social media, distributed it to all of the stakeholders and asked them to distribute through their networks. We talked about it on the radio and in the papers. We approached Mayor and Council, we presented to the Association of Yukon Communities and we use the assessment to inform the direction of every one of our projects since. Unfortunately, the report is one on a list of lengthy studies and documents that has been produced to help decision makers move forward and it is not a very exciting read for most people, so it is not likely being passed around by the public and left on coffee tables. 

WildWise tries not to complain and, instead, to continue to develop new approaches to working on human behavior change. For some people, education works. For others, policy and enforcement are more reliable tools. We try to divide our attention between the two. We also recognize that change takes time. While we are waiting, there are things that people can do, including putting their bins in the garage, purchasing locks if they don't have a garage or finding another way to secure them. Our comment about the futility of blaming the bins on the city intended to communicate that waiting for the City to do something about the bins when they were clearly not interested is futile if people want change now. The current poly cart system in use within city limits just isn't wildlife proof and safety can be improved if people take a few simple steps. Please visit the "co-existing with widlife" tab on our home page for more information.