Cougars in the Yukon

People have been reporting cougar sightings around Whitehorse for years and reports are on the rise. The first confirmed sighting in Whitehorse occurred in May, 2015 (read about it here). It is thought that they are following the movement of deer, their main source of food, into the territory. There have not been any reports of negative encounters with cougars in the territoyr and encounters in other areas with higher densities of both people and cougars (e.g. throughout BC) are exceptionally rare. Human fatalities as a result of cougar attacks are rarer still. 

There are many things to consider with the reintroduction of this spectacular species into the area. Below we will direct you to other resources which provide information on identification, behaviour and safety. All sightings and encounters should be reported to the TIPP line: 1-800-661-0525.

Cougar identification and behaviour

Environment Yukon

Wildsafe BC


staying safe in cougar country

Environment Yukon

Advice from B.C. (where there are hundreds of sightings and calls to Conservation Officers every year)


News, Lore & other tidbits

CBC interview with Environment Yukon's carnivore biologist

Wildcat Conservation group website