wild-proofing your backyard

Here is a short list of simple things you can do at home to make your yard a safe place for people and pets and to reduce conflict with wildlife at home and for your neighbours:

  • Store garbage securely indoors or in certified bear-proof containers. Put bins out the morning of pickup with lids tightly closed (same for compost); or take it to the dump before it becomes smelly.
  • Compost: Add only fruits and vegetables to your backyard compost, turn it regularly, and add firewood ash/dead leaves to keep odors down. Consider keeping your compost in an area protected by an electric fence or electric netting.
  • Freezers and Food Storage: Keep freezers and all food in your house or in a secure, locked shed.
  • Meat or Fish Dryers and Smokers: Use them in a secure locked shed, and clean the shed right after you’re done.
  • BBQ: Burn the grill clean after each use. Remove the grease can. Keep covered and preferably concealed.
  • Bird feeders: Feed birds only in winter — (this keeps bears away from feeders and cats away from birds).
  • Gas and Oil Products: Seems absurd, but bears are attracted to many petroleum based products! Store gas, diesel, waste oil, fertilizer, etc in well-sealed containers and in a secure locked shed.